“Through Hayley’s challenges/engagement, I vicariously learnt how to utilise critical engagement with my thoughts/beliefs/feelings/ideas as kindness towards myself”

When life doesn’t live up to our expectations it is easy to feel like we are powerless to make it any different. Therapy can help you to see things in a different light, bringing you more in touch with your innate uniqueness, giving you the courage to be more creative in your thoughts, braver in your decisions, and more confident in who you are.

There is something incredibly healing about having your worst fears and darkest experiences heard by someone with compassion.


There is no doubt that our past experiences has an effect on how we think and what we believe about ourselves. Even though we grow up, these beliefs can stay with us and sometimes this can be unhelpful, we can find it hard to be conscious of them.  Patterns of thinking are like well worn paths in the circuitry of our brain, it can be hard to see that there are other paths we can take, especially as we are often not even aware of them, meaning that the way we see ourselves and the world, can start to feel limited.

Each individual person is unique, so I use a different approach to therapy depending on the person, but at the heart of my work is the relationship, I get to know you first and foremost. I work mainly, but not exclusively from an Integrative/Person-centred/Psychodynamic approach, this means I use different types of counselling theory to help you make sense of things. I also have an interest in Neuroscience and frequently use this as a way to explain what is going on in our minds and body.

Therapy can unearth patterns of thinking that no longer serve you by raising your self-awareness, and in turn your self-esteem. I am passionate about my work, and helping others to make sense of their lives.

Some of the issues I have helped people with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationships
  • post-natel depression
  • life transitions
  • grief and loss

Therapy is the most effective when attended weekly, this helps us to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable.

Therapy is best done face to face, but if you are outside of the Bristol area, I am able to provide Skype sessions.