If you have found yourself here, you are probably thinking about finding someone to talk to about something that is troubling you. I offer experienced counselling and supervision in the Bristol area at my practice in Bishopston. If there is anything I’ve missed out on these pages, please feel free to get in touch on the ‘Contact’ page to for any further information or to book a session.

A bit about how I work.

Relationship is everything, when we feel disconnected from ourselves we feel disconnected from everyone around us leading to feelings of sadness, depression, anger and loneliness. When we become overwhelmed with these feelings we often turn to other ways of coping to self-soothe in order to numb us from these feelings by using alcohol, substances, food, or over-exercising.  Our emotions first arrive in our body, this information is then processed to allow us to understand what is going on around us.   If we learn to listen to these messages we can start to make sense of what is happening to us and make the changes necessary to fulfil our potential and lead a more enjoyable life.


Therapy can help you rebuild the feeling of connection through the relationship with your therapist, helping you to navigate difficult feelings and have them heard in a non-judgmental space, reducing the intensity of them and gaining a new perspective of your experiences whilst helping you find a way forward.

If you would like to know more about the counselling I offer, just click on the counselling tab above.  If you are a counsellor/psychotherapist who is looking for supervision for your clinical work you can find out more on my supervision page.  On my blog page you will find books, websites, articles, and details of other therapies that will help and support you while you are in therapy.

 I am committed to my ongoing professional development and regularly engage in research and workshops relevant to my profession. I am a registered member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy , and adhere to their code of ethics. I am also an Accredited Member of  The National Counselling Society 

A bit about me

I began my counselling training in 2006 with a strong belief that I could use the personal struggles I’d had in my own life, to help understand the suffering in others.  I engage in a range of activities that provide a healing space for me and enjoy hiking, yoga, music, water sports, crafts and drumming.

I am continuing to expand my knowledge of neuroscience and the nervous system – the link between mind and body – to further understand how this affects our emotions and somatic sensations, especially with regards to trauma.